The Crook County Cowboys and Cowgirls baseball team were both swept in a doubleheader at Pendleton on Saturday.
   For the Cowboys, they lost 12-0 in five innings in game one, and lost 6-2 in game two.
   For the Cowgirls, it was, well, a continuing trend. The story of the season for the Cowgirls has been that they've lost eight (8) one-run ball games. On Saturday at Pendleton, they lost game one 3-1 and game two 2-1.
   In track, the Cowboys took first in the pole vault (Scott Elliott), second in the 100 and 200 (David Parks, second in the 110 high hurdles (Mark Flegel), and third in the discus (Mark Blomquist). The Cowgirls took first in the 1500 (Michelly Foley), fourth in the 300 low hurdles (Jessica Lea), second in the discus (Elizabeth Viles), third in the javelin (Kady Stafford), and a tie for first in the high jump (Cater Lopez).
   No results yet from golf, tennis or rodeo just yet.
   On another note, yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB. Peter Gammons said of Robinson that he was the "origin of the civil rights movement" on SportsCenter last night, and when you think about it -- Robinson broke in to the majors in 1947, years before MLK or Rosa Parks -- he was the origin.
   And this is why it IS a big deal. I read a story last week on quoting Minnesota Twins outfielder Torii Hunter and Cleveland pitcher C.C. Sabathia that the meaning of Jackie Robinson Day, with the large amount of players planning on wearing No. 42, would be "watered down."
   Personally, I thought every major league ball player should have been wearing No. 42 on Sunday. If just a handful had worn them, that would have been insulting. But since a large amount of players wore No. 42, this is supposed to be somehow less meaningful? I feel it's the exact opposite.
   Robinson played in his first major league baseball game 60 years ago Sunday, and today, we still have people like Michael Richards and Don Imus. If everyone in the majors wore No. 42 on Sunday, it would have sent a much stronger message than say if it was just Hunter and Sabathia.
   On that note, Happy Monday, kids.
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