This is one of the strangest seasons I've ever witnessed.
   The first half of the softball season for the Crook County Cowgirls was dominated by nine (9!) one-run ball games.
   The second half of the season started last week, and already, the Cowgirls have won both games via the 10-run rule, outscoring their opponents 30-2.
   Pardon me while I scratch my head.
   To be honest, I really don't know what to make of those scores. When I wrote my column last week, I said that all those one-run games and that big 18-0 win over Bend are the type of wins that lay the foundation of a successful program. With those wins, you're understanding what a loss feels like, while also knowing what a dominating win feels like.
   In the majors -- while I don't have stats to back this up -- the team that one year has a lot of close one-run losses usually has a decent-to-strong season the following year.
   So, the nine one-run ball games for the Cowgirls this year, I thought, was a classic example of youth and inexperience. And next year, I thought, would be a huge turnaround year for the softball program.
   Oh, how I know so little.
   Instead of waiting until next year to turn it around, the Cowgirls, so far, have chosen the mid-season point instead. One of those one-run losses from earlier this season was against Madras, who the Cowgirls defeated on Tuesday 12-2. That makes sense, right?
   Anyway, with two straight wins, the Cowgirls, with a 3-6 conference record, are still in playoff contention. On Tuesday they face Summit in Bend and will look to not only continue their playoff push, but also avenge, you guessed it, another one-run loss from earlier this season.
   Other scores: the Cowboys baseball team lost 7-2 to Madras on Tuesday; the track and field team was swept by The Dalles Wahtonka as the Cowboys lost 81-74 and the Cowgirls fell 94-44. The Crook County JV's, however, defeated TDW by scores of 42-40 (boys) and 48-42 (girls).
   No word on tennis from Tuesday, but today, the Cowgirls golf team will compete at Aspen Lakes in Sisters.
   Happy Thursday.
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