>   Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Diane Bohle has been terminated from her position.
   Her last day at the chamber was Friday, Dec. 28, according to the 2008 Chamber President Jay Porter.
   "In this particular case, she was terminated," Porter said.
   A press release had been e-mailed on Friday, Dec. 28, to City Manager Robb Corbett, Prineville Mayor Mike Wendel, Crook County Judge Scott Cooper, the Central Oregonian, local TV stations, the Bulletin, Gene Schmidt, Vice-President Bryan Iverson, and board of directors members Bryan Iverson, Cheryl Taylor, Porter, John Allen, Karen Sams, Kathy Gaillard, Linda Cross and Susan McDermott.
   "The Board of Directors for the Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce has decided to take the chamber in a new direction," according to the press release. "The Board of Directors thanks Diane Bohle for her contributions to the chamber during her tenure as executive director and we certainly wish her well in her future endeavors. The chamber hopes new leadership will help the chamber grow commensurate with the growth of Prineville and Crook County. The chamber is committed to economic vitality of members and the board will work diligently to find an executive director who shares our passion about the new direction."
   "I just thought I'd clarify that I was fired from the chamber," Bohle said. "But sometimes directors and boards do come to crossroads about policy and directions. I certainly do wish the chamber well in finding a new direction for the chamber. I don't really care to elaborate beyond that. I had a great experience at the chamber of commerce."
   The end of the press release provides information about the chamber itself, its mission, its duties and how many members it has.
   "Effectively, as the press release said, that we are looking for a new direction, a new way to go," Porter said as to why she was terminated. "There was nothing specifically that she did or did not do. It was simply a decision the board made in terms of facilitating future goals."
   "The formal decision and the vote of the board would have been the 21st, the prior Friday," Porter said.
   He declined to state how much Bohle made per year.
   "It's confidential and I can't give (that) information," he said.
   Now that she has been let go, the search will begin for her replacement.
   "Pretty soon," he said. "You know, it hasn't been quite discussed. It will be at our normal board meeting to what our next steps are. But I would have to say we would have to start that immediately."
   Porter said that between interviews, looking at resumes and other work, "I would say it's going to be a two-three month process for a position like this."
   "You know, making announcements in various places and all of that. None of that has started yet," Porter said.
   "Given the nature of the job, there's a lot of community involvement, talking to different businesses and groups. We have the operations of the tourist information center," the 2008 president said. "So I think the person that we will be looking for has a marketing background."
   He said specific characteristics of a new chamber director will need to be "hammered out" by the board, "but I think the person will need to have a marketing background, just because of the nature of the job."
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