>The county jail is once again full, following the series of arrests on possession, manufacturing and distributing charges brought last Friday
Nine more have been arrested as a result of information turned up during the investigation that resulted in 12 arrests a week ago. The charges brought in the nine arrests all involve the manufacture, possession or delivery of a controlled substance, methamphetamine.
   Crook County Undersheriff Jim Hensley said the latest "follow up arrests" were part of the earlier investigation. Part of that police activity included a "buy program." Undercover narcotic officers posing as buyer of drugs were able to make purchases while gathering information which led to the sweep.
   In a typical "good news/bad news" situation, while nine more local people suspected of dealing in drugs have been taken into custody, most if not all of the original 12 have been released on bail. Two of those arrested Friday, John F. Schlichting and David M. Isaacson, were among those arrested a week ago, during the first of the latest drug busts.
   Chief Deputy District Attorney Ron Brown said it was likely that the information on those arrested over the weekend will be presented to the grand jury later this week, so more charges could be coming.
   The latest drug arrests have once again stretched the capabilities of the county to incarcerate the accused. Crook County Sheriff Rodd Clark said his office had worked closely with the circuit court with scheduling the two busts, but in both cases, all the county's jail space was filled to overflowing.
   "I put a little extra in the budget," Clark said, "but renting jail beds adds up quickly. Right now, we're only half way into the fiscal year and the jails are full and we know we'll have to rent more extra beds."
   At the present time, along with the 24 beds in the county jail, an additional 12 are rented from Jefferson County. Crook County is currently paying $50 per day for each extra bed under a contract. Even if those 12 beds are not used, the county pays for them. Since this program began, all beds have been used. Since the latest drug sweep, Crook County has rented a few extra beds, filled the local jail and had to release 12 inmates to make room.
   "It's too bad, but bed space is a consideration when planning a drug bust," Clark said. Additional bad news, he added, is that Jefferson County is going to raise the price of their bed space. The original fee, $50 per day per bed, was a best guess estimate. Now, with better figures to work with, an adjustment is expected to be made.
   "I talked with Sheriff Jones last week, and he expects to have a new figure in the next week or so. With the state's budget problems, and this, I'm starting now on my budget for the coming fiscal year."
   Clark expects to have to pay about $2 more per bed per day once Jefferson County Sheriff Jones completes his budgeting.
   Those arrested Friday were:
   Henry Leroy Cook, 48, 719 S. Main Street
   Cindy Ranee Paterno, 21, 669 Third Street
   John Fredrick Schlichting, 35 850 W 10th Street
   Charles Arden Swaim, 43, 14791 SE Easy Street
   Debra Swaim, 44, 14791 SE Easy Street
   Bonnie Alene Beitz, 46, 247 SW Deer Street
   Laura Post, 33, 916 NW Second Street
   David Moore Isaacson, 46, 1720 NE Alabama Street
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