the editor: Americans who have real needs are not being served because too much money goes to those who won’t work while big business and financial interests flagrantly and without fear of punishment rape our economy. At Senator Wyden’s visit to Prineville he made several misleading statements. One attendee questioned the waste of our taxes on bilingual printing rather than requiring that immigrants learn English. Ron’s answer was that it was necessary for adult migrants to interpret prescription directions for their children. Wrong - The children interpret English for the adults. I asked that drug manufacturers be forbidden from selling to Mexico and Canada at prices far below what Americans pay. Ron cut me off with the erroneous statement that those countries do not participate in research implying that is why their drugs cost less. Wrong again - The high prices we Americans pay for drugs and taxes fund the research on American made drugs that are sent at greatly reduced prices to foreign countries. Senator Wyden stated boldly that welfare has dropped 50 percent in Oregon. Wrong again. One day later The Associated Press stated “Oregon’s Welfare Caseload At Highest Level In 2 Years.” We American workers, retired workers, food producers, and small businesses are being beaten down to our knees. This can be changed only if the working people who really create our real wealth are willing to force legal decisions that permanently reduce those who injure the country to the lowest financial level of those they injure. Wm. C. (Bill) Schneider Prineville
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