the editor: I used an ATV 4 wheeler to get around and pack supplies up where I was working near Wildcat campground. The key words here are was working because somebody decided they needed it worse than me and loaded it in the back of a pickup. This 4 wheeler was located on a closed road with a locked gate accessible only with a chained up four wheel drive. I removed the rear tires and wheels the day before it turned up missing so I could make some tire chains for it, (so I could continue working), so I know they didn’t drive it out. So if anyone ended up with an unexplained 4 wheeler or saw a red 4 wheeler without any rear tires in the back of a full size pickup on the weekend of Dec. 8 or 9 coming down Mill Creek Rd towards town or possibly McKay Rd I’d like to hear from you and my number is in the book. If someone felt the machine had been abandoned and picked it up on my behalf I’d also like to hear from you. I’d also field calls from anyone interested in buying two rear tires (with chains) or needing a title for a 300 Kawasaki. I’ll make you a heckuva deal. John Ontko Prineville
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