the editor: A heartfelt thank-you with much gratitude needs to be given to our community members here in Prineville. On Nov. 25, 2001 Ochoco Care Center found itself in the midst of an emergency when we experienced a fire at the facility. Although our staff responded with great care and concern, we, the management, residents, and families appreciate the response and assistance that we received from the Fire Department. The members, who volunteer their services, not only prevented an emergency from being a tragedy, performed their duties with care, concern, and professionalism. A second thank-you is extended to the Senior Center, who volunteered their time and resources on a cold, snowy morning. Everyone in our community should be proud of the commitment and “a job well done” that these fire fighters provide. Thank you all once again from Ochoco Care Center/ SunRiver Living Centers. Stephen Young, Asst. Admin.
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