the editor: Your November 22 front page report of a “Constitutionalist” being sentenced seemed to cast adverse implications on a “Constitutionalist”. Webster Dictionary failed to produce the word but did declare “constitutionism”: as “adherence to or government according to constitutional principles: and “constitutional” as being “loyal to or supporting an established constitution or form of government”. Our Founding Fathers fought bravely and suffered greatly in obtaining freedom for our nation. Many of those who framed the Constitution believed they had been guided by Diety in its formation. The Constitution has been the foundation for freedom in this great nation for over two hundred years. It behooves all of us to read and study its concepts in order to maintain and protect its precepts. If being a Constitutionalist means being “loyal” and “supportive” of our constitution, we should all be “Constitutionalist”. Darre Wilson Prineville
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