the editor: We are very pleased to write a letter in support of Dee Wettstein’s election to the Crook County School Board. We have both known Dee for the past eight years, and have found her to be a very caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, generous person. She willingly gives her free time to work with students, as is evidenced by her position as Smart Coordinator for Cecil Sly Elementary School for the past five years. Even beyond that she has volunteered her time at other elementary schools, the middle school and the high school. If you want someone who cares about students, support Dee Whetstein for the schools board position. She is one who will respond positively to the issues facing schools, parents, teachers, and the community. Dee has worked in schools all her life, both in California and here in Oregon. She understands the processes and procedures necessary to make things happen. She wants what’s best for kids. We have both worked in the schools here in Crook County, and have had numerous occasions to work with Dee and observe her work with kids, parents, and teachers. We highly recommend Dee for this school board position. Pat and Chris Yaeger Bend
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