In a letter from the ODOT regional manager, the mayor is assured that paving Third Street and installation of the traffic light would be done
   For quite a while, the city has been trying to get a stoplight installed at the corner of Combs Flat Road and E. Third Street. The state has now promised, in writing, that a light will be located at that busy corner by April, 2002.
   Prineville Mayor Steve Uffelman talked with the Robert Bryant, Region Manager for the Oregon Department of Transportation, last month. In that conversation Bryant assured the mayor that the traffic signal project was high on ODOT's schedule. That comment wasn't enough, Uffelman said; he wanted it in writing.
   In a letter dated March 1, Bryant supported the telephone conversation. "I know this project has a long history," Bryant wrote, "but I can assure you that we are fully committed to the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) schedule which has the project under construction, along with the paving of US 26 through downtown, in the spring of 2002."
   The project design, environmental documentation and right of way descriptions on the traffic light project have been completed, Bryant pointed out and right of way acquisition of the southwest corner has begun. According to the schedule, the construction bid opening has been set for the first of the year with construction to start "approximately the first part of April, 2002."
   When Mayor Uffelman told the city council about this, Council member Dorless Reid warned, "don't bet on it."
   That is why, Uffelman explained, "I asked Bryant for the letter, which would have his name on it and would go the press."
   The saga continues.
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