the editor: I have grandparents, father, brother, cousins, aunts, uncle and dear friends buried in “our” cemetery. Many were veterans. If I want to remember and honor their sacrifices by putting an American flag on their grave I will. Memorial Day we customarily go to “our” cemetery to remember our departed loved ones. We pick up trash, clean headstones, and trim grass. Many of the headstones do not have pot or plant holders on them. I wish to inform those of whom it concerns that I will put flowers or flags on any grave I wish to. “Our” cemetery is maintained with county tax dollars. I am a third generation Crook County tax payer. We have a beautiful cemetery thanks to county staff and our community. So before you start telling me, and I am sure I am not alone, how to decorate and honor my families graves, I think maybe you should listen to how absurd a request you are making. We have bought and paid for grave plots and headstones as resting places and memorials for our loved ones. Let us enshrine and decorate them as we see fit. After all it’s for us the living to spend a little time for reflecting the past, and maybe it’s private, and none of your business. Erick Young Prineville
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