the editor. I am fortunate to have the pleasure of Dee Wettstein’s friendship for several years. She is a very caring, capable, and generous person to her friends, family, co-workers, and most importantly the children in our community schools. Dee has willingly devoted countless hours of quality time to our grade schools as the SMART coordinator. School staff, students, and parents have been fortunate and appreciative to have had her generous support and skills. Previous to her positive work within our community, Dee worked for many years in schools both in Oregon and California. Dee is very much “in touch” with the needs of school children. She has been the catalyst for so many students to become more confident and successful in school and life! It is these positive qualities that Dee Wettstein will bring to a our school board. I encourage you to vote for Dee. She is truly the best person for the position. Josie Forster Prineville
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