the editor: Kate Van Voorhees for COCC Director The voters of Crook County will soon receive a mail-in ballot which, among other things, will ask us to vote for a COCC Director who in effect will be our voice on the COCC Board of Directors. We are most fortunate to have two competent, dedicated ladies who are willing to accept the significant responsibilities inherent in fulfilling that demanding position. Those ladies are Jan Roberts who has served ably under oftentimes difficult circumstances on the Crook County School Board for a great number of years, and Kate Van Voorhees who has served us well for approximately 13 years as a director on the COCC Board of Directors. While either lady would undoubtedly serve us well, I respectfully suggest that Kate Van Voorhees’ years of experience on the Board of Directors for COCC makes her the more logical candidate for that position. With the University of Oregon and Oregon State University competing to provide central Oregon a four-year college capability, COCC will remain a most viable institution of higher learning here in central Oregon. Because Kate is intimately knowledgeable in this important area of responsibility, I believe that she can best serve our needs. I commend Kate Van Voorhees to you my fellow citizens of Crook County, and I strongly urge you to support her candidacy with your vote! “Mac” McFarland Prineville
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