ot;The Mexican" is a priceless, and very old gun. All Jerry (Brad Pitt) has to do is go to Mexico, pick it up and bring it back to the states. Unfortunately for him, Jerry's immediate superior, Nayman (Bob Balaban), has turned against their boss, Margolese, and is going to sell the gun to someone else, instead of giving it to Margolese.
   As a result, at least two different hit men, one from Nayman and one from Margolese, set out to go after Jerry's girlfriend, Samantha (Julia Roberts), to keep Jerry "from doing anything stupid."
   Luckily for Samantha, she is taken by Leroy (James Gandolfini), who proves to be a nice guy and almost the most interesting character in the movie.
   "The Mexican" is a very funny and relatively intelligent film. Gandolfini is surprisingly moving as the hit man who falls in love (but not with Julia Roberts!). He really shines when he and Roberts are talking, usually in a coffee shop, and usually about love. And, Brad Pitt is very amusing as a semi-competent gangster and totally in love man who can't seem to get a break from anybody.
   "The Mexican" isn't a romantic comedy, though, nor is it a lawyer drama. I mention this because that seems to be all Julia Roberts has done, and it is nice to see her in something else.
   "The Mexican" wraps itself up nicely. Although it might get hard to watch as Jerry can't seem to find that break, and when you are expecting the movie to end it just keeps screwing with poor Jerry. But when it does finally end, it does so in a marvelous and very satisfying way.
   This one gets an A for being a very cute and thoroughly enjoyable movie.
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