To the editor: On the day of January 13, I had a house party with four other kids and I. I wasn’t supposed to be at my house, I was supposed to be staying at friend’s house. I snuck back in my house and invited over some friends. One of my friends had one of his friends buy beer for us. Then one of the friends went down to the church and got pulled over. The police showed up at about 1 a.m., or so, and I was sleeping. One of my friends let them in about 3:30 a.m. on the January 14. Then they gave all of us breathelizer tests and we all failed. So then I got arrested and taken down to the police department. Jail is the worst experience of my life because all you do is sit there and cry, read, or watch T.V. and you can’t help but think about what you did and your family. People that were in there before you would make fun of you and antagonize you. I got charged with several crimes. I also spent several days in the county jail. I admitted to the crimes and pled guilty and received 22 more days in jail and 100 hours of community service also 18 month’s probation along with a $425. fine still to serve. I know what I’ve done is wrong and if I could take it back I would. I also know that house parties with alcoholic beverages can result in death or other serious accidents. I know that a 14-year old girl died from alcohol poisoning in the Willamette Valley February 13. She had about seven shots of Vodka and the newspaper said she had a .31 blood alcohol content. I just want to say I’m sorry to the parents of the girl. I hope my story helps other high school kids and parents to forgive me for what I’ve done and not to make the same mistakes I did. I pledge not to be involved in teenage beer parties in the future. I would like to apologize to my four friends, their parents, the church where my friend ended up, and all the citizens of Crook County but most importantly I would like to apologize to my parents and I know I disobeyed you and that you guys don’t trust me any more, I just hope all of you people can someday forgive me for what I’ve done. Bryan Farrar Prineville
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