>Tanya Taylor and Kayla Shane belong to Camp Fire Boys and Girls organization and are working on their WoHeLo award and decided to raise funds to buy a wheelchair for the emergency department.
Pioneer Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department were the grateful recipients of a shiny new wheelchair donated by Tanya Taylor and Kayla Shane.
   The girls belong to Camp Fire Boys and Girls organization and are working on their WoHeLo award, the highest award one can receive in that organization.
   Campfire Boys and Girls club program reaches more than 59,000 young people nationwide from kindergarten through high school.
   Kids move progressively through the program levels in a group according to their grade level.
   Club members get involved in service projects similar to the efforts of Taylor and Shane, which help them to become responsible citizens; concerned about their communities and society.
    The WoHeLo Award is earned by completing the four "Reflections" and by completing three "Issues of Advocacy", to help improve conditions in society which affect youth.
   In order to receive the award the girls had to express three Issues of Concern and decided to make one of their Issues providing the hospital's ER with a wheelchair. The Campfire Girls raised the money for the wheelchair by sending letters to businesses and asked for donations.
   After they fell short, the girls went to family members and acquaintances. Taylor and Shane said they would like to thank those business and individuals who generously donated to their cause.
   Leonard Rice, an Emergency Department nurse stated that the emergency department previously had one wheelchair because sometimes they wear out or disappear.
   Also, as happens frequently, if a patient were taken in the wheelchair to get an x-ray and another patient came into the ED, there wouldn't be another wheelchair immediately available_but now there will be.
   Rice expressed appreciation to the girls for their donation of the "corvette of wheelchairs" and is certain the chair will be frequently used. Shane and Taylor's effort and motivation in this endeavor is as great a gift as the wheelchair.
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