night's Tale takes a delightful trip back into medieval times, into the heart of story telling bringing to life all the color, romance and grit one might expect from a film set in the 1400's.
   The movie introduces us to would-be knight, William (Heath Ledger) who is brave enough to challenge the stars he was born under and take on his dreams of going beyond his birthright. William was born to a poor thatcher-father, who doesn't squelch his son's desire to become something more - in this case, a knight.
   William has spent most of his formative years working for a real knight - first to care for the horse, and later as a practice target for the lance he wields in contest. But when William's master succumbs to the final joust leaving William and his cohorts to starve or find some other employment, William stands firm and dons the knights armor, taking his master's place in the last run of the jousting contest, which he wins.
   This victory launches the threesome into a series of adventures, which eventually takes William, and the audience, to realization of his dreams.
   Of course there is an element of evil to be overcome - after all what would a knight have to do if there wasn't something to struggle and triumph against.
   Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewell) is the perfectly appointed evildoer to William's idealistic chivalry.
   Adhemar stands for everything cold-hearted and violent, and Sewell is the perfect pick for that character.
   Along the way A Knight's Tale is filled with warm friendships, seemingly impossible romance, humor and yes, even rock music. It might seem incongruent to have loud raucous music from the 70's mixed into a tale from the 1400's, but in this case, it works quite well. In fact, when the main characters find themselves dancing at a banquet following a day of jousting, and slowly the soundtrack and the dancing turns into something more likely seen at a rock concert than an Edwardian court, the tempo of the film is somehow artfully enhanced.
   Artfully rendered scenes seems to be a main theme running through this film along with rich characters, strong story line and heart-warming moments that don't miss a beat.
   All in all, A Knight's Tale is a wonderful little story, with a great cast, enjoyable soundtrack and enough heart to carry you through several bad movies.
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