>What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Hewlitt-Packard have in common with the Gunnersons of Prineville? They all started their business in the garage: Jobs built Apple computers and Fred and Cathy Gunnerson build websites ... today they are in a studio where the garage used to be, tomorrow --- who knows? But the couple say it will be in Prineville
A local company recently learned they had won a very prestigious award from the American Advertising Federation, District XI 2001 Northwest Advertising Awards competition.
   Butterfly Designs, a multimedia design, illustration and marketing firm won the ADDY Award, the advertising worlds version of an EMMY or OSCAR. The winning design was for a website design developed to showcase Bend-based Norman Building & Design's fine custom home building and can be seen at The top award was given in the Interactive Media, World Wide Web, Business to Consumer category.
   Butterfly Designs was founded by the husband and wife team of Fred and Catherine Gunnerson. The company combines Catherine's sales and marketing skills and Fred)s technical expertise and artistic talents. Assisting with the award winning design were copywriter Harold Olag Cecil of ad HOC words+ideas who provided content and Ross Chandler of Chandler Photography who shot the original digital images.
   "The Norman Building & Design website was the only piece we entered," Fred Gunnerson said. "It's gratifying that we put our best alongside the work of our peers, including some of the country's true powerhouse agencies and interactive design shops and came out on top. The award is also proof positive that we can live and work outside of a major metropolitan area and still produce outstanding work."
   The couple have an extensive background in the business, working for other major companies. Gunnerson said when his wife became pregnant with their little girl, they decided to look for a smaller town to raise her in. At the time, he added, they were living in Houston, Texas, and both were making big money. Cathy Gunnerson has family here and so this was the place they chose."
   "We wanted a kind of Leave it to Beaver kind of lifestyle. We had it, living in Portland or working for a major company in Houston."
   Now The local company is located in the Gunnerson home, north of downtown Prineville. Since setting up their studio, the couple have been busy. At the present time, they say they are working on six different websites.
   Working in central Oregon doesn't cause problems, Fred Gunnerson said. "The Internet is changing how business is done. Location isn't so important. From here I often work with a man who lives on an island off the coast of Argentina. Telephones and the Internet.
   The Northwest Advertising Awards recognizes the best work produced in the AAF District XI, which includes Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.
   As a Northwest ADDY Award winner, the website will be one of 15 winners forwarded to the national American Advertising Awards competition to be held in Chicago next month.
   For information about Butterfly Designs, go to their website,
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