er reading about the power plant that is being planned for Jefferson County, I have to salute the North Carolina company that is planning to build it. They picked a good location, close to a natural gas pipe line and a power substation. They plan to use natural gas, which is the cleanest burning fuel available and has a lot less emissions than coal or oil power plants. I am sure that the plant will not have any problems passing the Federal and State clean air laws. Before they let it come on line it will have to pass all DEQ inspections. The plant will be powered by turbine engines that turn drive shafts which turn the generators. The turbine engine that turns a drive shaft is a lot quieter than a jet engine that uses thrust to push a plane up to speed. Turbine engines are a clean burning engine, when the fuel is a clean burning fuel. The plant will not even be anywhere near the noise level of Portland airport. The wind in our area is mostly from the west and the few emissions that natural gas puts out would go east and not to the south. The Prineville airport keeps records of wind speed and wind direction. The plant is planned to be built two miles from the highway and will not be seen by most people driving on hwy 26. The lights at night will be no more than the lights at the natural gas pumping station or the electric substation which does not seem to bother people. The plant will mean jobs to people in central Oregon. The nation needs the power that will be produced by this plant and others like it. Oregon is growing fast and we will need all the power we can get or we could end up like California, with rolling blackouts. When we get a chance to get power from a cleaning burning source we should jump at the chance. I am for the plant and I get upset when people, who do not live close to the area, try to stop something that the state and nation needs. These people will make it sound as bad as they can when they know better. Noise, the plant will not be anywhere as noisy as Portland airport. Emissions, natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel that can be used and the wind blows from west to east and not north to south so the few emissions will go east and not south. Power, even if the power is shipped to California, so what. We are sending power from our dams to California. Money, if they don’t want the money to go back east than build the plant themselves. Our quality of lifestyle will not change with the building of the power plant. Bob Gatlin Prineville
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