ng Came a Spider" has Morgan Freeman reprising his role as Dr. Alex Cross (from "Kiss The Girls"), a detective who at the beginning of the film lost his partner in an accident while she is undercover, an accident he feels responsible for. The film continues as a teacher named Gary Sonji (Michael Wincott) kidnaps a senator's daughter named Megan (Mika Boorem), to "commit the crime of the century."
   Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter) is the secret service agent who feels responsible for the kidnaping because she was in charge of Megan. As a result, she wants to work with Dr. Cross, because she wants to help save the girl. The rest of the movie is more or less a mediocre battle of wits between the three main characters.
   Freeman is the only actor in the movie who could act and that you could really believe. Potter had a few moments, but just looking at her, it is hard to see her as a secret service agent. Wincott was pretty cool as the bad guy, even if he did seem a little cliche at times. But with Freeman acting as he does, it just made the all the other actors seem fake.
   The whole movie was generic. If you look hard enough (not even that hard in places) you can spot all the movies that were used as ideas for this film. The only problem was that they missed the reason those movies are popular. Or at least they didn't put those reasons in.
   The final thing that bothered me was the soundtrack. It wasn't as annoying as the one in "Mission to Mars," but it was a touch too much.
   In the end there was too much soundtrack, not enough high quality actors, and nothing original in the movie.
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