>The opportunity to dispose of small amounts of hazardous material is open only to local businesses, and is sponsored by the Crook County landfill

   sLocal businesses that generate small amounts of hazardous waste will have an opportunity to dispose of that waste safely and legally at an upcoming collection event in Prineville. The Crook County landfill is sponsoring the event on Wednesday, May 2.
   The collection is held primarily for businesses and other commercial facilities in Crook and Jefferson counties. It will provide them with an opportunity to dispose of regulated hazardous wastes such as cleaning solvents, paint thinner and old pesticides.
   Businesses interesting in participating must sign up in advance with Philip Services Corporation, hazardous waste management contractor for the collection. Applications should be received by Friday, April 27. Philip Services will notify participants about the time and place to bring in their waste.
   For application information, contact Philip Services toll-free at 1-800-547-2436.
   Disposal costs will range from $2.50 per gallon to $7 per pound, depending on the type of waste. These costs are less than typical hazardous waste management charges for business.
   Up to the first $100 of disposal costs will be covered for qualified participants from Crook and Jefferson counties, plus other Crook County Landfill commercial customers. To find out if your facility qualifies for this discount, or for more information about the event, contact the Crook County Landfill at 447-2398.
   Participation is limited to businesses and other facilities that generate less than 220 pounds per month of hazardous waste. These facilities are "conditionally exempt generators" of hazardous waste under state and federal regulations. Typical conditionally exempt generators include automotive repair shops, machine shops, painting contractors, printers, schools and government agencies.
   Household hazardous waste will not be accepted at this collection, which is for regulated business hazardous waste only.
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