the editor: As a parent, I received a letter from Ken Parshall, Principal of Crook County High School, dated April 5, 2001, with some interesting facts that I feel the community should be made aware of. First of all, student attendance has improved dramatically during the first semester of this year. Total number of periods absent fell from 5,896 during last year’s first semester to 3,356 during the first semester this year. (Figures include excused as well as unexcused absences.) This is a 43 percent improvement over last year’s first semester attendance! Secondly, school behavior has increased even more dramatically. Behavior referrals fell from 2,032 during first semester last year to only 116 referrals first semester this school year. Parents and school district personnel should be very proud of their efforts to improve the scholastic atmosphere of our students while attending CCHS. Mr. Parshall has done an excellent job of steering our high school in the right direction towards accountability and success for our students. Thank you Mr. Parshall! Kris Williams, Parent Powell Butte
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