the editor: Dear Governor; It is incredulous to see you support gas fired electrical generators that create tumultuous pollutions compromises at the same time support killing hydropower that generates electrical energy nine times down the Columbia River reusing the same energy at zero cost each time without pollution. You cannot reuse burnt gas. I can drink, swim in the water at the discharge of the turbines without health hazards. In Prineville, physical science class some fifty years ago we learned in basic science to have fire you must have three components. 1. Heat 2. Combustionable material 3. Oxygen. You cannot light a match under your nose and breathe without suffering health hazards. Prineville is downwind to the proposed site; come drive around Prineville and observe seven locations where “Old Glory” is flying for proof of the wind direction any afternoon, better yet, check the direction of Prineville’s favorite runway. We both know the real reason for this chosen site is to send electricity to California the cheapest way they can. Why should we send profits of electricity made here to Cogentrix stockholders in South Carolina? Let them go to Shasta Lake, California, usurp 12 million gallons of water, add pollution to already polluted San Joaquin Valley, and use California natural gas. What about Saving the Salmon. they want to take “A portion of the surface water from the Deschutes River.” Do they not need to comply with all the regulations, Funding applications of hydropower and Farmers? What duping is going on here, they can’t make water run up hill, so in reality going to drill wells above Bend, to increase the water Flow 2.8 million gallons? OK. Next. Cogentrix tells us they will return the surplus cooled water to farmers for irrigation. Who in the Hell waters their garden or fields with boiled water? Should anyone choose to see our Governors recent contribution like this drive to Umatilla, there are two gas-fired plants next to each other. It is wonderful how money can talk. Dean Merrick Prineville
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