>Students Justin Whaley, Juanita Weatherly, Ashley Barlow and Andrew Surber are shown working on the flower bed which will soon contain blue and gold flowers framing the word ‘Prineville’. They are Crook County High School horticulture students who are working to beautify Prineville.
Students from the Crook County High School horticulture class are helping to make a real visual impact on the way Prineville looks.
   Since March students have worked at the `Y' on the west side of town, pulling up shrubs and hauling in truckloads of soil as part of a student-led beautification project. Within the next few weeks, a flower bed filled with colorful blue and gold flowers will spell out `Prineville'.
   "We just decided that we wanted to improve the community," explained student Ashley Barlow. "And, now we are looking for donations of landscaping supplies and cash to help us complete this project."
   The flowers are being grown at the green house at the high school. Students hope to start planting flowers in about two weeks.
   "We only have Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour, and 45 minutes on Friday to work out here," Barlow said. "So it's taking a while to bring it all together. But, it's going to look really nice when we get done."
   Barlow indicated that the flowers being planted this year are annuals and next year they will plant perennials.
   "Stephanie Hagens, who is a junior this year is planning on taking on this project next year as a senior project. She will take care of the plants all summer and come back next year and plant the perennials," she explained.
   The horticulture students are also involved in the citywide spring planting program and have been working to restore planter barrels. The flowers for this project are also being grown at the high school.
   Anyone who would like to make a contribution to the beautification project can either mail their donation to the high school horticulture department at 1100 SE Lynn Blvd. or contact Jeff Papke at 416-6903.
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