the editor: This last Monday I had the pleasure of traveling to Klamath Falls with 60 other concerned citizens from LaGrande, Mitchell, and Baker, including 5 from Prineville. We and many others went to the bucket brigade to demonstrate against the unfair application of EPA rules by some urban judges to control the use of the limited water available in the Klamath Basin area. EPA completely eliminated using this water for irrigation by the farmers because the endangered sucker fish and Coho salmon may be adversely affected. This reasoning completely ignored the economic and family impact of their ruling and failed to recognize that there is no scientific information supporting a catastrophic effect to the fish with reduced water flows. The EPA refused to compromise in the use of the water, it was all for the fish and none for the farmers. Whether you agree with the EPA totalitarian control over our states and people’s rights or not you should not ignore it. Because if the EPA used that power in the Klamath Basin, they have that same power in Central Oregon when they control our agriculture by their determination of safe stream pollution levels resulting from any tributary runoffs, or some other big city judgements based on the same type ’feel good’ junk science. If you aren’t intimidated by this type federal action you should be, and if you are concerned you should write all your representatives now for a modification to the EPA rules to consider state’s rights, people impact, economics, environment and valid science in finalizing their judgements. In any case you should write to your representatives to have these devastated Klamath Basin farmers justly compensated by our government immediately for their losses that directly resulted from the immoral and rigid judgements created by the EPA. Bernie Steinberger Prineville
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