>Prineville police are getting involved with the spring cleaning campaign ... they are letting people know about the city ordinance that prohibits stapling or nailing signs to light poles
Sergeant Dave Calhoun pointed out that Ord.965 prohibits the posting of signs without permission on any city property. To do so is a misdemeanor crime and carries a penalty of up to a $1,000 fine.
   "The intent of the police department is to warn people of the consequences of putting up signs and asking them to take them down," Calhoun said. "Failure with doing so could lead to a citation."
   Ron Kleinschmidt of the city planning department brought up the fact that hanging signs on telephone poles is against state law. Some people get real sensitive, he pointed out, "believing it's a freedom of speech thing. But it can be dangerous to anyone having to climb the poles or, in some cases, even to people who pass by and get cut if they brush up against a pole covered with sharp nails or staples."
   Pacific Power has about a dozen poles in the downtown vicinity, Calhoun added, that have been designated as "no climb" poles. "People have to realize that men work on these poles and can be hurt," he said.
   Whether it's a sign advertising a garage sale, how to lose weight or get low cost insurance, nailing a sign to a telephone pole is illegal. Calhoun indicated that anyone putting up a sign and including a phone number can expect a call ... and it won't be about losing 40 pounds.
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