the editor: I am writing to you because there is something going on in this community that upsets me very much. The other day I took a plant and plant hanger to my father’s grave, and a couple of days later it was gone. I don’t understand why because it wasn’t in anyone’s way, it took up only a couple inches of space and would not have affected lawn maintenance. This is not fair that the cemetery removed it, flowers and all, only for us to find it in back of their shop leaning against the wall, and the flower we found in a pit. We paid for that space and we buy flowers to show our love to those no longer with us. Why do the cemetery people just take things away like its no big deal? Not only do we have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for those spaces, but flowers aren’t cheap either and as soon as you put it there someone takes them away, but why? We bought and paid for those graves why can we not decorate them however we want, especially if it doesn’t interfere with regular lawn maintenance. It’s very upsetting to me because the people in this community work hard for what they have and then they show a loved one they aren’t forgotten with flowers only to have them stolen by those cruel people. That’s rude and it makes me want to look for someplace else to put my loved one, some place that has a little respect for the deceased. Rogeanna Hug Prineville
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