>Instead of waiting until September, the new rules allows potential candidates seeking a spot on the 2002 primary election the opportunity to file 415 days prior to that election ...
Last month, Gov. John Kitzhaber signed HB 2674 into law. This bill allows candidates for state office, US Senator or Representative, plus any county or city elected position no sooner that 415 days before the 2002 primary election. According to Dee Berman, Crook County's election official, the 415th day before the next primary election was April 2.
   Four of the county's elected offices are up for election in 2002: Commissioner Position No. 2, presently held by Jerry Crafton; County Assessor, presently held by Tom Greene; County Sheriff, now held by Rodd Clark; and Berman's position as County Clerk.
   When asked if he is thinking about another term, Commis-sioner Crafton said it is too early to say. "I don't want to run a year and a half campaign, but I'm thinking about it. It's fun, now, being a county commissioner, and I am enjoying myself."
   It is also unknown whether Green has plans to run for another term, but both Berman and Sheriff Clark have made no secret about their intentions. Berman said the old filing time was in September and she'll wait until then to file.
   On the city side, as in every election year, the mayor and three city council positions will be on the 2002 ballot. Mayor Steve Uffelman will have completed his term and have to run again if he wants to remain in that office, as will Gerald Blank, Dorless Reid and Brenda Comini.
   Anyone thinking about filing for any county office should talk with the County Clerk and contact city manager Henry Hartley about the process for filing for a city elected position.
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