>The local improvement district that will bring city water and sewer services to the Northridge subdivision is expected to cost each property owner about $8,000
It has taken awhile, but after nearly two years improvements to the sewer and water systems in the Northridge I and II subdivision, Phases I and II, are a major step closer. Plus the awarded bid cost is under what early engineer estimates were.
   When the seven bids for the project that will bring sewer/water service and the overlay of streets in the Northridge subdivision, only six were found acceptable. However, with the lowest bid awarded, city Public Works Coordinator Ron Kleinschmit said he believes the residents will be pleased.
   Originally, back when the city started the LID (local improvement district) process, the estimated cost was figured at about $887,000. Aspen Creek Enterprises of Redmond offered to do the project for about $134,000 under that. At that figure, Kleinschmit said, "I think they (the residents) should be satisfied."
   The amount the individual property owners will be assessed should be between $7,800 and $8,000 each, Kleinschmit explained. The amount depends on such items as final finance charges, engineering fee and possibly, the contingency fund. That could raise the amount to $8,800 for each owner, but Kleinschmit said he doubts it.
   "I just don't see that happening, and we'll do everything we can to make it not happen. But unforeseen things come up, prices may be up or down slightly. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up, but I think we're safe at saying $8,000."
   Northridge area has had water problems for some time. For about three years, residents have had to purchase water from the city. Wells drilled in that area haven)t been able to supply sufficient amounts. When the opportunity for the LID came up, approximately 70 percent of the property owners signed petitions.
   When the new construction project is completed, residents will be on the city's system and streets will have been overlaid to smooth out any ditches that have to be dug. In addition, Kleinschmit said city street lights will be installed at many of the intersections. Installation of the 18 or so street lights are not part of the LID, he added.
   If all the necessary paperwork can be accomplished, work on the improvement project should start as early as the end of the month.
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