>A visual arts center in Prineville will give artists a place to gather and show their stuff
Artists and art lovers from Crook County will be meeting tomorrow at the old Bank Drug building to discuss the possibilities of forming a local association for the arts.
   The hope of the fledgling group is that there is enough interest in the arts in this community to form an organization devoted to increasing awareness and opportunities for artists as well as promoting art in general.
   Organized by local artist Laura Kolding along with Prineville's Linda Shelk, the meeting will focus on how to bring about an art association in the form of a visual arts center in Prineville.
   "Up to this point, it's been kind of frustrating to get art programs going in Prineville," Kolding said. "Although we're only in the beginning stages with this idea, our main objective is to make Prineville a fun place to live. We hope to stimulate creativity and as well as an interest for the arts."
   Kolding indicated that her hopes for the project include developing and offering programs to encourage education in the arts for youth.
   A longtime art teacher she anticipates offering art classes to the public through the new facility.
   "There's all sorts of possibilities that we can explore during this meeting," she said. "I'm excited about it."
   "The meeting will be a brain storming session where we hope to get a group of people together to see if there's enough energy and interest in the project that we could start an arts center in that building," co-organizer Linda Shelk added. "We envision offering educational classes and art groups a place to gather and hold meetings and workshops. Classes on flower arranging and art exhibits are also a possibility _ most anything related to the arts will be considered."
   Something that has been lacking in this community is a consistent place for artists to gather, share their work and develop friendships. "What would be fun would be to have a real social center for artists and creative individuals to come together," she said. "I think that we truly do have enough artists in the community to make it happen. What we're really lacking is the space. We're really hoping that enough people will come together to support the idea."
   With the help of Arts Central, formerly known as Central Oregon Arts Assoc. of Bend, the group will be forming a plan of action and exploring ideas at the old Bank Drug building at 247 N. Main Street on Wed., June 27, from noon to 1 p.m.
   Everyone is encouraged to bring a sack lunch and a chair, and join the discussion.
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