Dolittle 2 is a pleasantly cute movie aimed more at children than anybody else.
   In the sequel, Dr. Dolittle, played by Eddie Murphy, is world famous because of his ability to communicate with animals.
   He has incorporated his talents into being a fantastic veterinarian and a "psychiatrist to the animals."
   One day Dolittle is approached by a raccoon working for an animal "mob" which is run by a beaver. The beaver asks Dolittle for help in saving their forest from a logging company.
   Dolittle agrees to help and starts looking for an endangered species, figuring that if the forest harbors an endangered species, the company can't log there. He finds an endangered female bear. But in order for that to help, the bear needs a mate, because what good is one bear?
   So, he recruits a male circus bear who loves show biz more than anything else. He even has a beanie baby named after him, which makes things difficult for the girl bear. She wants a 'real' bear to take care of her, not a bear that sings show tunes.
   Dolittle becomes a love doctor and teaches the show bear how to be a 'real' bear, saving the forest in the process.
   Steve Zahn plays the voice of the show bear, and is pretty much the best thing in the movie besides Murphy. The circus bear is so cute with his fear and lack of knowledge of the wild. When he introduced himself to the girl bear he told her he liked walks on the beach and the "melodic sounds of the Back Street Boys." The rest of the animals were more cute than funny but that bear did get some genuine laughs from me.
   Eddie Murphy is incredible with the animals. He does such a good job that you can almost believe that those animals could talk. When it comes to working with special effects Eddie Murphy is the best.
   However, it doesn't really cater to an adult audience, it is a children's movie that adults can watch and enjoy, even though it is rather simple.
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