the editor: It had been a long time since my family and friends got together to watch the Crooked River Roundup parade. It was the biggest and the best I’ve seen in years. The only thing that saddened me was the absence of log trucks filled to the brim with timber. I guess it is a sign of the times. there was also something that totally disgusted me and I feel that there should be some kind of code of ethics put upon persons, businesses and other participants in our local parade. I guess I had better cut to the chase. As we were watching all the children run after candy and enjoying the parade and floats, an older dark-haired woman sitting in the bed of a truck went by. All of a sudden, for some reason, this woman made the undesirable finger gesture and shouted “You are ugly!” and smiled. I don’t know what brought this on, nor do I care. this inappropriate behavior is outlandish especially coming from a grown woman who should know better than to conduct herself in this manner during a public event and while representing evidently the company she is employed by. Not only was this upsetting to me, but I had to explain to the kids around me that it wasn’t intended for them and that it was a prime example of how not to act. And we wonder where our kids come up with the things they do. Next time, let’s think about where we are and what everyone is going to see instead of just one particular person in the crowd. Terry L. Reeves Prineville
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