the editor: I am writing to clear up some misconceptions about the “knock and talk” program currently being conducted in Crook County. First of all, there is no “catch”. The program is modeled after a similar program in Reno, Nevada. That city has seen a significant reduction in child abuse/neglect and police calls as well as increased immunizations since it was put in place. It is a law that youth be immunized before attending school in Oregon. That was our only motivation for starting a program here. Ours was the brainchild of our local judges (to help decrease the number of cases seen in the court), the law enforcement agencies (to help decrease the number of cases seen in court), the health department (to help get needed services to clients who might not otherwise be able to access those services), local physicians and medical personnel (to reach persons not otherwise able to access medical help) and other social service agencies and volunteers. The fact that several immunizations and referrals were given on the first time out shows the need for this program here. The welfare of a child is the responsibility of the whole community. I am one of the persons who have volunteered my time to operate the mobile medical unit if needed on these visits. I believe we all could use a little help to access services for our- selves and our children. Kris Williams Prineville
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