the editor: As our community works through some difficult times for families and business, its nice to see those families work together to help our kids and their programs. With school starting, the ideas of fresh starts in the classroom and athletic fields accompany this beginning. The parents of this community continue to open my eyes with their abilities to organize and work hard to benefit their children. I have now watched for four years, the parents of our football players organize and produce an outstanding Blue/Gold barbecue. I would love to take this time to thank our parents for their time and effort in preparing and serving food and cleaning up the stadium. We would like to thank Stan Rodgers for donating his barbecue and tools, Williams Bread for the hamburger buns, Thriftway for arranging the donation of the buns, the Booster Club for the $200 donation of the hamburgers, our fans who took pictures and made things fun and the cheerleaders for their time and efforts. We are going to have a great season and the Blue/Gold dinner helped us get started. In order for us to be successful we have to play as a team. Our parents have shown us some great teamwork. No one is more important than the team. Steve Turner Head Football Coach CCHS
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