>On his way to the solar fair in John Day Christopher Dymond will be giving a demonstration of the use of solar power energy tomorrow at the Courthouse.
An ice cream maker and a water pump run on solar energy will demonstrate the power of solar technology in front of the Crook County Courthouse Wednesday, July 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
   The demonstration is intended to show a typical solar power system that can be used to run anything from a home to off-grid water pumping systems for ranchers.
   "Solar electric power is a well-proven technology with warranties typically over 20 years. Unfortunately, because of poor manufacturing economies of scale, it remains more expensive than utility power," says Christopher Dymond, the state's renewable energy analyst. "To make solar energy more affordable, the state offers tax credits for solar energy systems and, for a limited time, rebates for homes not connected to utility power."
   Dymond will be available to talk about the best technologies for harvesting central Oregon's abundant solar energy, and how to save money on electric bill.
   Dymond will also be handing out half-off coupons to the SolWest fair in John Day which is scheduled for this weekend, July 28 and 29.
   The SolWest solar fair will feature many informative speakers and demonstrations for anyone interested in learning more about solar power.
   "It is the largest renewable energy fair west of the Mississippi and outside of California, with over two dozen workshops on harvesting renewable energy" said Dymond.
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