>Reconstruction of Forest Roads in the Ochoco National Forest north of Highway 26 may cause back road motorists some problems for a while
Various Ochoco National Forest road segments adjacent to Highway 26 east of Prineville are being closed for reconstruction. The work is mainly reconstruction and replacement of culverts within the Mark's Creek drainage as part of fire rehabilitation work for the Hash Rock Fire.
   Road work began on July 16 and will continue through the end of September.
   Each road segment will be closed at a different time and reopened once reconstruction is completed. Signs and posters informing the public of ongoing operations will be posted. There are no detours around the sites.
   The following road segments are scheduled for reconstruction:
   Roads 2600-350 and 2600-300 (McGinnis Creek)
   Road 260-250 (Cornez and Reilly Creeks)
   Road 2600-200 (segment one), 2600-220 and 2600-200 (segment two) (Hamilton Creek)
   Motorists are urged to use extra caution while traveling these roads during this time to avoid any mishaps. In addition to regular users of the Forest, construction haul operators will be using the roads.
   Contact the Ochoco National Forest Supervisor's office at 416-6500 or Rich Mora, 416-6620 for additional information.
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