Reading the numbers

Reading the numbers

I received some fascinating bedtime reading a couple of days ago – the City of Prineville Budget 2001-2002.  There are some interesting numbers in the 143-page document.

From an historical perspective, these numbers caught my attention:

* 20 years ago the real market valuation of all Prineville properties was

over $111 million

* 10 years ago the real market valuation of Prineville properties was over

$135 million.

* This year it’s more than $339 million.

* 20 years ago the per $100 tax rate was $2.98

* 10 years ago the per $100 tax rate was $3.94

* Today the per $100 tax rate is fixed at $3.0225

* 20 years ago the city population was 5,265

* 10 years ago the city population was 5,435

* Today the city population was 8,205

* 20 years ago the city had 30.5 employees

* 10 years ago the city had 47 employees

* Today the city has 58.5 employees

Another section of the budget I found fascinating was where revenues come from, for example:

Property taxes are expected to account for about $930,002 of the total $3,033,259 general fund resources. Room taxes from motels are projected to bring in $160,000.  Electric utility franchise fees contribute $305,000; telephone franchise fees add $60,000 and cable another $42,500.  From the state we get $14,970 from cigarette taxes and $61,807 from liquor sales.

The city expenses had some noteworthy figures, too.  For example, the city manager received an 11.6 percent pay increase to $75,000 per year.  (That’s considerably more than the county judge makes.) Several city administrators like the police chief, city planner and others received increases of more than 10 percent.

I guess I should spend some more time with the budget to see what else I can find.


The Fair was good

I’m told the attendance at the annual Crook County fair was down a little bit, but considering a couple of stormy days it wasn’t bad.  The new Wednesday night barbecue was a big hit as was the Saturday Monster Truck show, which had more than 3,000 in attendance.

Once again, the 4H/FFA livestock sale was a big success with the annual event raising $206,321.

For those of you into numbers, here are the results:

135 hogs sold at an average price of $3.59 lb.

36 steers averaged $1.49 lb.

42 lambs averaged $5.10 lb.

8 pens of rabbits averaged $14.25 lb.

1 pen of turkeys averaged $2.75 lb.

1 pen of chickens averaged $9.00 lb.


There were 143 buyers.


Congratulations on a job well done.

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