the editor: Well folks, it’s weed season again and it’s also time for them to go to seed. Whatever happened to the mandate against weeds this year? I see just as many or more out there. It’s time to get busy. The parking lot at the Feed Store looks great. Good work, Dan. Thanks to the Riverside Apts. for cutting the weeds on their street side. You can see the sign now. Thanks again. John Ontko! Write some more letters. Input is needed and the squeeky-wheel might get some grease! Mentioned to Ed Wilson that he needs to put his stories (aired in the 1950’s on KRCO) about “Johnny Jumping Grass” into print. These were great and anyone who ever listened back then was entranced. Please give Ed a push, this needs to be done. He’s a very talented story teller. I’m a little behind in letters to the editor but I thoroughly believe that Jerry Brummer has a good idea on access roads from the Davis Road area. Crook County needs to look into this and not take a negative vote on every idea that comes along. Sometimes it’s a good idea. There are several places where a road could come down from the rim and wouldn’t be near as curvy as going into Cove State park. Come on people, get your thinking caps on. This county needs a new theme, we can’t count on logs anymore. Let’s bring another business into this area. Burns got the trailer business. Sisters has their quilts. It gets real discouraging watching the traffic flow out of town in the morning going to Bend or Redmond to work... We also can’t let our hometown rail road go down. Evie Bryant Prineville
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