>Emil Grman and Robert Gonzales remove golf balls from the drum they had pulled across one of the ponds at Meadow Lake Golf Course. Each time they pulled the drum from the water, they bagged approximately 1,000 balls.

   Every golfer playing Meadow Lakes Golf Course must take water into account -- with ten ponds and the river, water comes into play on every hole. The number of golf balls that find the water is anybody's guess, until the company arrives with the equipment to recover each and every one ... thousands of them, it turns out.
   Anyone playing golf at Prineville's municipal golf course knows to bring an extra supply of golf balls. Not only are there ten ponds that must be navigated around, but the Crooked River has to be crossed a couple of times. The ponds aren't deep, but the water is murky. Until now, one question: "Wonder just how many golf balls are in there?" has gone unanswered. The answer? A lot.
   Robert Gonzales and Emil Grman spent most of last week dragging a huge drum across the bottom of the ponds, picking up golf balls. Gonzales' dad owns the Eugene company that golf courses hire to clean golf balls from ponds. Meadow Lakes, Gonzales said, is "Probably the best one for the number of golf balls in Oregon."
   Gonzales and Grman know how many golf balls they pull from the ponds; they get paid by the ball. In three days, the two pulled close to 10,000 balls from each of three ponds. Cleaned, the golf balls will be sold in the pro shop as (reconditioned) for a dollar each. Handy for golfers who, some say, are merely playing their part in the cycle of returning the balls to the ponds.
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