the editor: Thanks for the article on gas prices in Prineville in the Thursday newspaper. Please keep publishing the prices. You may want to include the prices in Redmond and Bend. Prineville has had a reputation for high gas prices for 35 years. When I used to come here to hunt and fish we would bring as much as we could from the valley. It looks like nothing has changed. This reputation is not good for tourism in our area. Your comment on the cost of transportation of gasoline is right-on. I think I will by a truck. If cost is that big a factor in the price of gas, look at the price of gas in Kennewick Wash. I came through there a week ago and the price was $1.54. That was as high as I have found it there. Normally it is always much lower than here. I asked a dealer there how far away they got their gas and he said it was from Idaho. That’s a much longer haul than from Portland. I don’t know of a refinery in Idaho so thay must have trucked it from Colorado or Calfornia. Maybe I can get a good deal on a truck there. Don Bedient Prineville
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