the editor: What kind of parents are we if the children we raise have so little respect for people, for traditions, for property, that they enjoy wantonly destroying the memorial trees that mean so much to the veterans and, really, everyone in the community who honor the veterans? It is continually amazing and distressing to see the kinds of examples parents set for their kids. The other day, I saw a perfect example of this, a bumper sticker on a car in town that read, “My kid beat up your honor student.” Is this something to brag about? What kind of statement does this communicate to our’s okay to be a bully? It’s okay to be stupid? It’s okay to put down the kids who apply themselves and want to make something of themselves? Those of us who care are disgusted and mournful over vandalism and similar cruelty; and then there are those parents who seem to applaud it. Which are you? R. Kincaid Prineville
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