the editor: Last week I read with interest in the Central Oregonian that one of the local gas stations offered regular gasoline for 96 cents per gallon for a three-hour period. The manager said, “Typically we sell about 4,500 gallons in an eight hour period. We lost 60 to 65 cents a gallon on this promotion.” Now let us take a look at the true facts. First off they did not sell this gas for less than they paid for it, as we all know. No one can do this and stay in business. I ran a service station in Sweet Home and made the big sum of 8 cents per gallon so I do know something about the business world. I was in Bend and Redmond earlier this week.and guess what. The prices of gasoline were $1.559 and $1.579 for regular. When I arrived back in Prineville it was 10 to 25 cents higher. This I cannot understand. You go to the valley and it is less yet and I’m told they pay no freight for the delivery here to our fair city. I do not recommend going out of town to do our shopping. I believe we should patronize our home town but... there comes a time when we need to do something. Any comment will be greatly appreciated. W.L. Williams Prineville
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