the Editor Thank you to all interested artists and art lovers who attended the June and July meetings concerning the possibility of starting an Arts Center in Prineville. Every suggestion that was brought up at these meeting has been noted and written into a Concept which has been submitted to the Oregon Arts Commission. Bill Flood, of the Oregon Arts Commission, has kindly taken the time to offer some suggestions and direction for this project. It has become apparent, after some research, that it is too early in the planning of such a big undertaking to apply for grant funds, or involve the community in a time-consuming and costly fundraiser for the project. The reality of such a task involves many committed volunteers, time, organization, money and patience. Also, before applying for grant funding, we need to have a solid resume’ built up. We cannot get funds and donations until we have shown a firm commitment to the Arts in Prineville. Selling an idea without the effort required to back it up is kind of like selling air. Therefore, we need to put off the project for about another year. What can we do now? Here are some suggestions: Artists: get your work out where it can be seen. Don’t worry about if you sell anything right away or not, just frame it nicely and ask around town for a place to be displayed. Restaurants, shops and offices are very good venues for all types of art. Right now, the Crook County Library is preparing to have a Juried Art Show, entry forms are at the front counter. Mentor a young person. Ideally, an artist should have one mentor and be a mentor to one other person. Volunteer your services. School, Church, and Clubs are some organizations which would love to do fun art or craft projects. Paint a mural. John Day and the Dalles have wonderful murals which are an inspiration. Mingle with other artists and Art groups whenever possible, and be sure to let them know you’re a Prineville Artist or Art supporter. Travel with your art. Show your art in Bend, Redmond, Portland, and in galleries, festivals and shows all over the State and beyond. Teach your craft. Contact Parks and Recreation, Arts in Education, local Schools or Central Oregon Community College if you are interested in teaching. Support businesses which support the Arts. Visit Prineville’s new Gallery, Shank’s Art and Book Gallery, they want to get to know local artists. Donate! The Hospital Foundation is accepting Art for their fundraiser. Keep an eye out for other organizations which have art auctions to raise funds. Get involved! Finally, many thanks go also to Diane Bohle, who has offered much advice and wisdom. The Arts Central Board, which supports this project, especially Arts Central Director, Cate O’Hagen who has supported the Arts in Prineville for years. Laura Kolding Prineville
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