day-long event that included the sale of homemade pies, a barbecue, music, the auctioning off of hand-crafted quits also included booth after booth filled with future Christmas gifts. People packed the Powell Butte gym to such a degree that traffic had to be routed one-way in a circular direction. Last year was a record year for the annual event, and church secretary Jessica Hamna said this year was almost exactly the same. After counting all the proceeds, she figures the church made about $67,000. "The weather was wonderful," she said. "It's hard to figure how many people were here. Some came just to purchase sausage, some for the dinner and others just for the crafts. It's hard to figure, but I'd say we had about 3,000 and that is probably low." As usual, the barbeque dinner sold out, all the quilts were gone, and the pies -- all 800 of them disappeared.
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