the editor: In response to Becky Groves’ letter to the editor, I would like to share some thoughts about registered child care in our community. We originally had a registered child care provider who was highly recommended to us. On the last day of March two years ago, I paid her for the month. This included paying her for days my children did not attend because she charged a flat monthly fee. The very next day I received a one paragraph letter from her telling me we had two weeks to find other child care. This was extremely unprofessional and a very poor way to handle the situation. She did not have enough common courtesy or decency to tell me directly that she was “booting” my children from their daycare. I would like to remind Becky Groves that just because you are a registered child care provider does not mean you can adequately take care of other people’s children. Taking a few classes does not insure a child’s safety or happiness in the child care setting. Being registered has caused trauma in this town due to child care providers having too many children according to the law. There are child care providers in this town who have helped raise many children for over twenty years. They are extremely competent people who have safe, loving and nurturing environment. Since our horrid experience with the registered child care provider, we have found wonderful child care. My children are much happier. They actually want to go to our child care provider and do not cry every morning when they arise. Our present child care provider has been in the business for 27 years. She loves my children as she would her own. They are in a very happy, safe home. They are extremely well cared for and in an environment that promotes healthy development. Child care is not an easy thing to find in Prineville. Maybe those of us who are very happy with our provider should be allowed the responsibility to know what is best for our own children! Cheri Rasmussen Mother of twins Prineville
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