the editor: An article recently appeared in the paper about the tentative plan for the National Guard to go on maneuvers in our nearby “High Desert”. There has been some comment about not wanting the military that close to our little town. It is this same military that keeps our little town the peaceful little place that it is, therefore, we as a people need to support this move on the part of the higher brass, whole heartily, whether it is good for our town or not. We are far removed from the war or even the terrorist attacks that have been going on, but we need to do our little part to support the war effort. I served in the New York and Washington D.C. area during WWII and all of us GI’s really appreciated the hospitality that was shown to us at this time, with rides for us who hitchhiked, the U.S.O. and service centers and the people who lived there, even invited us into their homes for a home cooked meal. Let’s all get behind our fighting men and do what we can and feel good about it. George Hudson Prineville
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