>The financial report to the city from the municipal enterprises were not as bleak as expected
There is more good news from both the City of Prineville Railroad and Meadow Lakes golf course and restaurant - one is showing a loss of less than $200 for the year-to-date and the other broke even last month.
   In making his monthly report to the city council, Golf Course Superintendent Wayne VanMatre said this is by far the best year yet for Meadow Lakes. For the first 10 months of the year, there has been a loss of just $184.
   "During the year to date, January through October, that was our loss," VanMatre told the council members this week. "And that is after we made some major repairs. We spent about $15,000 for paint and equipment upgrades plus $5,000 for a new telephone system."
   The council had directed the Meadow Lakes operation to hold to a break-even level, "and we've come close to that," VanMatre said.
   October's financial report wasn't so cheery, he went on to explain, and November isn't expected to be much better. "There should be fairly good number in December, however. We've been booking for Christmas. It looks like we'll be breaking even into the first part of the year."
   The report from the municipal railroad wasn't as good, but even there, the term "break-even" was mentioned.
   COP-RR manager Jerry Price told the council that his report for October "wasn't quite as good as Wayne's, but with the transfers to the city, it's almost a break-even."
   Carloads over the line were 151 fewer than October a year ago, woodchips were down by 139 while lumber was up 11 from 2000. These loads were the last, Price said, that will be coming from Crown Pacific.
   The outlook for the future of the rail line hasn't improved, but Price said possibilities are still being worked on. "One we were working for is not going to pan out," Price said, still as usual, not willing to name names. "A couple more are still possible - fact is we're meeting with one next week," he concluded.
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