the editor: Every year for quite some time now, I have decorated a tree for the Hospice Tree Auction. This year will be no different. A friend of mine and I have been hurrying to get the ornaments ready for our tree. I recently got a call from the director of the auction saying that this year we will be able to buy our trees directly from Hospice. Fox Tree Sales will cut the trees the day before we are to decorate them so they will be fresh. Apparently, last year one of the more expensive trees was bought by someone with a generous heart. That tree dried up within a week of the auction. Understandably, the woman was so disappointed she might not be back to the auction this year. I just want to remind people that the Hospice Auction is for a very good cause and that Hospice not only helps the sick but gives a hand to those who are losing someone they love. I know it is very discouraging to buy a beautiful tree and then have it fall apart or die before you can enjoy it. The volunteers at Hospice are trying to stop these disasters from happening. Each year it is something new that sometimes can’t be helped. Although I only donate a tree to this auction I feel that the people involved, work very hard to try and make the auction a success for everyone. So please try and keep the value of Hospice in mind. The auction will be held Saturday, Dec. 8 at the Carey Foster Hall. Dawn Chavez Prineville
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