the editor: This letter is to the person who walked up to my front porch last weekend and stole my cement dog figurine. I hope you are proud of what you did. Is this how you decorate your yard; is this how you do your Christmas shopping? You had a lot of nerve, especially since my front porch is lit up at night. You must have really wanted it, since it weights approximately 50 pounds and isn’t something easily picked up. Too bad it hadn’t snowed more, since I could see some of your footprints, but couldn’t track you very far. That dog has a lot of sentimental value to me, of which it means nothing to you in that respect. It did not come from this area and is not a common mold that a person will see. So, in case someone in this town receives or sees a cement dog figurine, approximately 18 inches high, resembling the form of a sitting Cocker Spaniel with its head turned to one side, I’m sure it does not belong to you honestly. It would be wonderful to think that your conscience would make you bring it back and put it where it belongs. But then if you had a conscience, you wouldn’t have stolen it in the first place. Vicki Medlin Prineville
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