the editor: The tragedy about pet owners is that the ones who care will do the research and will read the pet magazines and “Caring for Pet” articles and learn from them. We know their pets will be loved and cherished and cared for. It’s all the people who don’t and still have pets who are the problem. They won’t bother to read and learn or even acknowledge their abusive patterns. I don’t understand how a person can take on the responsibility of an animal —any animal, and not realize that a modicum of care is necessary. Do these people do the same thing with their kids? For example, some people recently adopted a kitten from the local Humane Society. Every adoption includes a free vet checkup, free neutering or spaying, and the first shots free. After two weeks or so, the people who adopted the kitten brought her back to the shelter and complained that they didn’t want to keep her because she was sick. Yes, she was very sick. They never bothered to take her for her free vet visit. They waited until she was hopelessly ill and returned her to the shelter for a “replacement.” Sadly, had this little kitten been treated promptly by a vet, she would have recovered. But because her new owners failed in the simple responsibility of taking her for her free vet exam, instead returning her to the shelter fatally ill, she had to be euthanized the day after she was returned. Believe it or not, this was not the end of the story. The people called two weeks later to find out if the kitten was better and if they could take her home. Figure that one out. They were informed that she had not survived. They were surprised. Last week, they took another kitten home. I pray for that kitten. I pray for all the animals at the mercy of irresponsible humans. Please Don’t adopt unless you are willing to make a commitment to that pet and can afford to follow up on that commitment. You may come back in your next life as a “pet” and may the Lord have mercy on you then. Robyn Kincaid Prineville
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